Why blog…

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog. Let people know what I think, how I feel… without the full on judgments affecting my life. Well that said, I’m also not a coward and am ready to take responsibility for my beliefs; however, when you live in a world where your actions affect more than just you and your life, it’s always safer to hide behind a screen. Afterall, one of the advantages of technology is anonymity.

We’ll get into more details about how ideas affect lives later. For now, let’s say that House of Cards motivated me to hit the iron hot and start this blog now.

A bit about myself:
I’m a gay 27 years old guy, who recently moved to Melbourne.

It’s always hard to talk about yourself without revealing your identity, especially those who know me. But I guess that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Afterall this is my blog and there’s a bit of satisfaction that comes from ownership. So I’ll drop bits and pieces about me here and there.