21 century dating – Dates #1 & #2

I don’t know if dating has always been like this for gay men, but it is very draining.
Tinder, Grindr, Scruff, Facebook… you name it, I’ve tried them all.

I had dates on every day for the past week and here’s a summary of dates #1 & #2:

Guy #1: The Other Otter
Another otter, very cute, shorter than me, has similar hobbies: loves animals, board games, techy… I had been asking him out for a while now, but he came over at 9pm after canceling dinner claiming he was too tired.

He was very interested in seeing me naked, but didn’t want to get naked himself and “wanted but didn’t want to” have sex. Even at the door before leaving he went down on me for a second but then said he doesn’t want to have sex on the “first date”.
I never heard from him again. I still don’t understand what happened! I didn’t text for a few days, but I didn’t have to… did I? and when I texted 5 days later, he didn’t reply. I also drunk texted him on the weekend saying “what’s your deal. eh?” but still in vain :p

Guy #2: The Anticipation Dude
I had my eyes on this one for quite a while. He’s popular in the gay scene, but still decent enough to steal my attention away.
Unlike his friend who I just want to fuck, I wanted to date him. He came over one day for dinner and a movie. The “love at first sight” didn’t happen; he looked worse than his pictures and was much taller than me.
He was still interesting, so we had dinner, cuddled, and watched a movie. Halfway through the movie we started making out and it soon evolved to penetrative hot sex.
We were using a condom at first, but he didn’t want to get too wild, since he hadn’t prepared for it and had an upset stomach, so I stopped. Later though, we were cuddling and I kinda slid in and seeded in him. He loved it, I did too, but felt stupid and careless.
When I asked to see him again, he siad we should wait to build anticipation, which I take as lack of interest. It wasn’t going to work out anyways!