Gay Dating – dates #3, #4, & …

So the other dates weren’t much better.

Guy #3– The Indian
I met a British/Indian guy on Instagram who was more Indian than anything else. He was so shy that he wanted the lights off while i fucked him and then went on and on about how English takes its words from Indian. Apart from that, he could barely hold an English sentence. He forgot his watch at mine and had to come back during the week to get it. Not even a word of thank you. Came in took the watch and went out. When i texted him, complaining about his manners. He said i felt that you wanted sex & got weird.  No dickhead I didn’t want sex!

Guy #4 – The Tall Model
Everything was good, except that he was 195cm, had no common interests as me, touched himself non-stop, and wanted a relationship no matter what.

The sex was good, but that’s all that was good. I had to tell him I have to sleep for him to leave.

Guy #5 – The Macedonian Survivor
I saw him on Tinder and matched. His pictures were very cute, but his feminine moves made him unattractive to me. He drove all the way to my suburb, so i felt guilty and didn’t say anything. We had dinner and he wamted a coffee afterwards. We didn’t find any coffee shops but he was still not leaving. He told me about how he had survived a near-death experience; how he’s a survivor and looks at life with joy and ambition. I just wanted to go home. He was standing his grounds whenever I increased my pace and we spent hours talking. Then he asked what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to sleep. He was really sweet to drop me off at home, but it’s just not gonna work.

Guy #6 – The Artsy Philosopher
This was a good date. We met on Tinder and had been speaking for a while. He invited me to a show in the city and we had a few drinks before the show.
He was really interested in me and veey nice. Until I revealed a few of my darker thoughts. I could see his attitude change and his disappointment, but I didn’t care. I want someone who’ll like me for my goods and bads. I know it was just the first date but there were other things that put me off too. He told me he had broken up with his ex, sonce his ex was not intellectual enough.

Oh and we didn’t fuck. He kissed me before he left me at the train station.


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