PreP, Truvada Whores & the Rise of STDs

If I had a penny for every time I hear “Fuck me raw. I’m on PreP”, I’d be rich. So you know how PreP is the new hype and a lot of guys are on it. But do you also know that PreP protects you only against HIV, if it works that is.
Canada which is very careful with its drug endorsements has yet to allow the use of PreP, but there’s a lot of activism supporting PreP worldwide. It makes me wonder.
The doctors at MSHC advise you to go on PreP if you engage in unprotected sex at all. I refuse every time.

Same goes for PeP. The last time I was at MSHC after a risky raw fuck. The doctor said I should go on PeP. I told him that it’s wrong and misleading to advise people of doing so. I had done my research and if you go on PeP after 48 hours of contacting HIV the virus might become immune to the only medication that can stop HIV from forming AIDS.

This is a good read that talks about a few different angles. Including the fact that this is a strong medication. Most medications, including this, have side effects and harm the body.

If you hear someone telling you to fuck them raw, cause they’re on PreP, walk away. They probably have acquired lots of STDs. If they do it with you, they do it with others and with STDs like Syphilis and Chlamydia on the rise, they might be centers for STD transmission.

For those guys who strongly advocate these lifestyles at bathhouses and clubs (even though their filthiness attracts me at times), what messages are you conveying to the new generation of gay guys; who are growing up seeing what this “elder” generation is doing. You cannot come up with an extreme #TruvadaWhore identity to fight against the stigma created against PreP. The stigma is there for a reason. Why would you want to go on PreP in the first place? What will happen if HIV becomes immune or resistant to the only drug stopping it from killing people. Is it worth the risk, simply because you are a whore?

One should also consider the financial aspect. For now MSHC and others provide the drug for free, but what if they change their minds. This is not a drug that you could easily and suddenly bring to halt. What will happen those #TruvadaWhore then?

Talking about the “new generation”, I will soon write about the disgusting culture of young guys leeching on very old guys at clubs and pubs.