Indians on flights

*Warning – Article includes racial profiling*

After watching this video I realized that there’s common attributes between the stuff happening in the video and my trip from Chicago to Abu Dhabi last year.

The whole plane was filled with Indians, I was the only white guy on it.

It smelled bad and it was very noisy. I was utterly disgusted. However, the worst part was the carry on luggage. Every person had 3 pieces of carry on and I don’t know how they got them on the plane in the first place, but as you guessed the overhead compartments soon ran out of space.

I squeezed my tiny messenger hand bag in the corner of my overhead compartment and sat in my place. I had to watch it the whole time, since everyone who passed by grabbed my bag and took it out hoping they’d squeeze their massive bags in place of mine.

Let’s just forget for a second that mine was tiny and they couldn’t fit their’s in the space I had taken. How rude is it to take somebody else’s bag out to get yours in. This wasn’t one person or a few, it was EVERYONE!