Last Autumn’s Romance

So here in Australia March-May is Autumn, when everywhere else is Spring; and last Autumn I fell for a guy with an Irish name.

These past few days he’s been haunting my thoughts. I texted him last week and I sent him a friend request on facebok today.

Here’s what happened…

After an amazing 3 days in Melbourne, he went back to Brisbane; and I went back to my routine.

We kept in touch; chatting every day. We decided that I’d go visit in May and he had planned to move to Melbourne by September.

I did go in May and spent a weekend with him. We went camping, got lost in the woods and had long walks in the parks. It was magical. He had made a magic wand (he is a massive Harry Potter fan) as a gift for my birthday and took me to an expemsive restaurant. It was all great except the last day, most of which he spent sleeping.

A few weeks later he texted me that perhaps we’re moving too fast. He argued that we had been physically together for 6 days and it’s not enough to call us an item. I agreed and said we can tone it down until he moved. He said that’s what he wanted. It hurt me a bit inside but he was reasonable.

Another week into our decision he asked me if I fucked anyone. It so happened that i actually had hooked up that day for the first time since i had met him. He got furious and called me.a slut. I argued that this was his idea and he calmed down.

We started talking less and less…. until he had another one of his depression swings. He posted a sad status on fb and I tried to call him to comfort him. He didn’t reply. I left a text to which he replied the next day when I had a meeting at uni.

Right after the meeting, i called him but he hang up with a text saying that I’m a careless cunt who doesn’t deserve his time, since I was two hours late to respond. I told him i was in a meeting. He replied with another hurtful text,to which i replied askimg him not to contact me again.

Ironic that now I’m wishing he would. Well he did last year in September when he moved to Melbourne he texted me. I was brief and formal with my reply.

Let’s see if he accepts my friend request.