Dickheads on Grindr

You all probably have stories to tell about your experiences on Grindr.

For those of you who don’t know what Grindr is. Grindr is supposed to be a dating app for gay men. However it has a culture of hookups, spam and racial stigma associated with it.

I have taken several screenshots of conversations that would be classified as out of the planet rude and stupid. I usually don’t take them seriously and they don’t go further than just making me laugh. But today’s incident made me frown and i fealt a small sting inside.

So it started off with a guy (guy X) 200m away (ah yes, i forgot to say, Grindr checks your locations and shows guys nearby) asking me if i knew this other guy whose pic he sent. The guy in the pic (guy Y) was 150m away and has been so for the last few days. I wasn’t sure what to make of it yet. It could be that they wanted a threesome. But it soon was revealed that guy Y had stood guy X up. “Poor” guy X had driven a long way to meet guy Y. So i asked, if they were going to hookup and if he bottomed. Perhaps I was horny or i was just curious, but it took guy X a second to reply with the worst response: “yes but not with you”