Social Media || Narcissus’s Media

I get this bitter feeling whenever I see someone post a pic or video of themselves on social media and tag “sexy”, “hot”, etc.

Regardless of the fact, whether or not they are actually what they claim to be. I find it utterly annoying. I also think it has side-effects on these people and their surrounding.

I was out with a friend yesterday night and while walking home, he asked me- “What would you rate yourself over 10?”- to which I responded with a cheeky answer, saying 15 with a remark about how loving my personality is. He corrected himself and said he would only consider looks. I said 7.89, and of course I turned around and asked him about how much he would rate himself. He surprised me with a blunt 9!

To be honest I would’ve given him a 3. at most. I wanted to make sense of his analysis and asked how much he would rate me. He said 7.85. I was like wtf! People have given me 8.5-9 on average and I know I’m not lower than a 7.89 :p

At this point I just said “you even gave me lower than what I would give myself”, but didn’t want to push it further, since unlike him I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or/and lie about it.

The point of the story is that this guy posts a selfie every now and then with a tag “cutie” associated with it. I don’t think that’s a thing of confidence, but rather a thing of low class shitheads!

I never liked this saying, but maybe it’s true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let’s not forget the story of Narcissus!