The old man

So my ex urged me to get back to updating my blog. Recently someone very dear to me passed away, but the more I think about it the less I care. I’m not really sure if it’s a good thing or bad or simply my perfect defense mechanism kicking in.

I believe self growth is an important thing and if something doesn’t break you, then it surely makes you stronger.

I have an age limit when it comes to dating/fucking. I don’t do 5 years + nor -. A few months ago, another old man contacted me on Grindr. When I told him that he’s off my age limit. He said “that’s $uch a $$hame”. It made me smile and got my attention to at least start a conversation.

After a few messages I got bored and got back to ignoring. He kept on “hey”ing every day and during the really hot days he would offer me to go over and use his pool. I declined every time. Until one day I was really tired of uni and the heat was getting to me. So i said okay, assuring him that he won’t get anything out of it.

So I went to his suburb and he picked me up from the train station in his Mercedes. We went over to the pool and he offered me some really good beer. A few beers in I was swimming naked in the pool.

He was a gentleman and kept on complimenting my looks and telling me how much I looked like a god. Especially with the sunsetting on my skin.

Soon enough he got in as well and was trying cheeky touches here and there. Then it started raining and I got a bit chilly, so I told him to get out but he was blocking the stairs…