The old tool – part 2

So it was getting cold in the pool and I really wanted to get out and go home.
He knew this and wanted to keep me in the pool as long as possible.

I was feeling tipsy and weird at this stage, so i picked him up and started going up the pool stairs. He was saying “no don’t do it” and I was feeling my knees give in… And BAM i fell.

I was fast to push my arms under his back to buffer the fall. The fall wasnt from a significant height but I was afraid for his health due to his age.

He sensed my concern and started faking a neck pain to make me feel guilty and stay.

I wasn’t buying it and knew he was faking it. My arm was all scratched and bruised and I really wanted to get out of there, so I just put on my wet clothes and left.

A few days later, i was certain that I’d never meet up again. So i texted him explaining my situation politely. But instead of being cool about it he started trying to blame me for a varierty of things.

Suddenly his neck pain reappeared and i somehow became a user and an opportunist.

At first i argued against his accusations but then I stopped replying. An hour later  he started apologising and begging for me to go over. This is when I had enough and I blocked him.

End of story.