Another failed date in Straya (fuck straya)

So I met this English guy on Grindr and we chatted for a week. We decided to meet last Sunday and the date was so good. He was such a nice guy.

On Monday we met again and he told me about him having to move out on Wednesday and being stressed about finding a place to stay.
I offered him to stay at mine until he sorts it out and he’s been staying over since. The “relationship” has been getting good, but we both have reservations at the back of our heads, because he’s going to England in May.
But we both aren’t seeing anyone else and I asked him to tell me if he does, so that we be on the same page. He swore he would.

Yesterday I went to Ballarat with a close friend and asked if he’d come as well. He said it’s his friend’s birthday and couldn’t. At around 11pm he called me and said he’s drunk. I told him to be careful and call me if he needed anything but he hung up (battery probably died). I got back to the city at 12am and he called and asked me to go to the gay club he was at. I said I was too tired and I was going home and he said see you there.

4am and he still wasn’t home. His phone was off again. I texted him saying i’m leaving the door open and that i’m worried. 5am he texts back saying he’s staying at his friends. I asked which friends, he gave the name of the birthday girl.

Today morning his friend messaged me asking if he came home yesterday night and I knew that he had lied. He texted me now saying he’s coming back home from work. I’m shaking and I don’t know what to do 😦