The English Backpacker (aka PAN)

So in my last post, I hadn’t yet confronted the cheating backpacker who had cast a spell on my heart. This is what happened that wretched day.

Before he came home, I went on Facebook on my laptop but to my surprise he had forgotten his account logged in. 2 messages popped up, both from the night before. One was a guy he was inviting to go to the gay club, but the guy was sending angry messages like “stop playing with me”, “i’m not gna come if you’re gna stand me up again” and the second guy to whom Pan was thanking for letting him spend the night.

The messages were intimate and ongoing. I had no doubt about his intentions at this stage and everything seemed clearer. All the stories he told me of his ex getting angry with him and his ex cheating on him were twisted and portrayed his excuses of cheating and lying to people.

Pan is ugly, but he has a charm which makes him look extremely handsom. He has some instruments of creating powerful spells and enchanting even the strongest of creatures to fall for him. Even though, I am more than a mere human, his spells had me attached to some extent, but not all the way.


When he came home, I didn’t confront him straight away. I let him shower and take a nap on my lap. But when he woke up and tried to kiss me, I pushed him away and asked where he slept the previous night. The lies kept on coming and I didn’t really care. I asked a second question which revealed to him that his spell was broken. I asked when was he gna move out.

He said really soon and to that I answered “that’s not soon enough”. He changed his tone and was like “what’s wrong, why are you blaming me for going out clubbing”. I looked right into his eyes and said it’s not about clubbing, it’s about your ugly soul and that I fuckin hate liars.

He paused for a second, went back to a submissive tone and said I don’t know why you think I’m lying. I slept at Angela’s. At this stage I was furious and I said I know you slept at Jake’s. The name struck him like lightning, he knew he couldn’t lie further about his whereabouts. Instead he said I went with him but nothing happened.


I’m not a naive fool and when he realised he can’t lie anymore, he changed his arguments into “you don’t own me”, “I don’t owe you anything”, “I told you we can’t be together” (referring to our conversations about him going away). That’s when I told him that I thought we were a bit serious, since we were fucking more than once everyday and him telling me he likes me very very much, every fucking second. He said no he was just passing through and I interrupted him there and then and said well pass through faster. I told him he had to be gone by the night and that he can’t sleep the night at mine.

He arranged an uber, packed his shit and moved on to manipulate another guy with his charm and fake affections…