Various Storms and Saints

And another one bites the dust…

A few months back, this guy sent me messages in Arabic on Grindr. It grabbed my attention and for anyone else with similar profiles, I would politely say “sorry too young for me”. I liked the way our chats were different and he seemed really mature and nice.

Three weeks back we met for the first time, after a few days of hot snap sexts. The sex was really good, I particularly liked his hairy bum and it tasted really good! I spent quite some time eating him out, everytime we met.

After hooking up twice, I asked him if he would like a proper date or if he was just in it for the sex. He said he wanted a  date, but he asked if we could dine in and watch a movie, instead of going out.

On the date, last Sunday, I cooked. I made him a Lebanese vegetarian dish. He loved it and we fucked twice. During the sex I asked him if we could be exclusive and try that out for a while. He liked the idea and said he’s not looking for anyone else anyways.

Monday morning, he was late on the replies. He eventually spoke out and said that perhaps we’re rushing and that we should take it slow. To which I responded saying, sure we can take it slower. But I doubt he wants to take it anywhere at all.

I’m starting to wonder, if the problem is with me? or does this fortify my assumption that age matters! For my next date, I will enforce the 5 years rule and try to aim for ones that fall in the + range (30-34).

He is 21-23 for those who were wondering.