Dick Galore

A few weeks back, it was my friend’s birthday. His boyfriend told me on the day that they’re going for Mexican and he wants to surprise my friend for his birthday. I was like sure, anything for  a friend.

There, my friend kept on trying to hook me up with one of his friends who looked interested. After dinner we went to a pub for drinks and I made a move on the friend in the toilet and he started kissing me.

I asked for his number, but he said that one of his other friends was crushing on me too so he doesn’t want any drama. I told him I had no interest in his friend, but I respect his decision. He said he’ll text me on Grindr.

After the night, I texted him back on Grindr but he never replied. I asked my friend what his deal was and my friend said give him time, “there’s lots of drama with these girls, just wait for him to talk to you”. Already the term girls was a massive turn off. I didn’t really care, but it kinda pissed me off. People aren’t toys; especially not me.

Yesterday night I went to this sex party and he was there (only in jockstraps). One of his friends started flirting with me while I was passing them by. He jumped in saying something like this one is mine. I was a bit surprised and deciding how to act, when he asked “don’t you remember me?”, I told him I did so he lent in and hugged me, when I didn’t hug back, he got angry and started being sassy, he asked why I didn’t hug him back and I told him that I don’t like to be ignored. He got even more sassy, turned around and just ignored me.